Concrete Re-Cycling Services
Waters Brothers Contractors, Inc.
Heavy / Highway / Utilities / Hauling Contractor Since 1969
We take this....
.... and turn it into this.
Using our Extec C12+ crusher and a Fintec 542 screen.
Our equipment is capable of producing
various gradations of crushed concrete
aggregate ranging from fines to rubble.  
Typical grades produced by our current
configuration are fines, 67's, #2's, three
quarter crusher run and inch and half
crusher run.

We will receive clean demo concrete at our
yard or we will bring our crusher to your
site and bill you crushing fees by the hour
or by the ton.  The final disposition of the
crushed concrete has a variety of uses.
Crushed concrete aggregates are
available to the public through Spruce
Pine Sand and Gravel, LLC.  

Typical uses of crushed concrete
aggregate are: driveway base, trench
backfill, concrete slab backfill,
building pad base, soil stabilization,